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Welcome to my eFolio page. I am Omar Rasheed. I am from Baghdad, Iraq and currently living in South Bend, IN. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a minor in Communication from Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, IN. I studied business because it is in many different industries, and I would be able to combine it with my engineering knowledge. I have a minor in Communication to more effectively communicate in the business world.


I learned about Holy Cross College through the Iraqi Student Project. The Iraqi Student Project is a non-profit organization that seeks undergraduate education in the USA for Iraqi students who were displaced by the war and continuing violence. The Iraqi Student Project recommended Holy Cross College. After attending Holy Cross, I found it is the right place for me.


Holy Cross College is a Catholic, residential, coed, four-year institution of higher learning, offering an applied liberal arts curriculum.  It was founded in 1966 and continues to be conducted by the Brothers of Holy Cross a society of lay religious men within the Congregation of Holy Cross (CSC) who take vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience as a way to more creatively and intimately serve the mission of our Savior Jesus Christ, His Body - the Church, and the needs of the world. Brothers of Holy Cross serve through ministries which educate and sensitize persons to the need of the world for justice and peace.


The theme of my eFolio is Theorem F8S12. This Theorem, Fall 2008, Spring 2012 represents the four years I have spent at Holy Cross College. My theme came from one of my mathematics courses, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. My theorem has a corollary that I experienced at Holy Cross College; this corollary states that success is any set {education, experience, knowledge, etc….} in real life is successfully dependent if the outcome is greater than the income.

Please feel free to go through my Efolio to learn more about me. Thanks for your visit.